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Issue #1- "Heir To Their Fates" Issue #2- "A Sticky Situation" Issue #3-"Root Of All Evil"
Citrusman Issue #1 Cover page Slug Comic Cover Root Comic Cover
3 Pages 11 Pages 23 Pages


Issue #4- "The Might Of The Mite!" Issue #5- "Widow's Silk" Agent Orange- Part One
Mite Comic Cover Widow Comic Cover AgentOrange1 Comic Cover
5 Pages 11 Pages 8 Pages


Issue #6- "Downtime!" Issue #7- "Faustus Plant" Agent Orange- Part Two
Downtime Comic Cover Faustus Comic Cover AgentOrange2 Comic Cover
40 Pages 38 Pages 8 Pages


Issue #8- "Harvest Is Coming!" Issue #9- "12 Attacks On Citrusman!" Issue #10- "My Creator, My Enemy!"
Harvest Comic Cover Attacks Comic Cover Creator Comic Cover
51 Pages 12 Pages 20 Pages


Agent Orange- Part Three Issue #11- "The Seeds Of Future Events . . ." Issue #12- "Into An Unknown Realm!"
AgentOrange3 Comic Cover Seeds Comic Cover Realm Comic Cover
8 Pages 24 Pages 24 Pages


Issue #13- "While Citrusman Is Away . . ." Issue #14- "To Align The Hidden Realms!"- Part 1" Issue #15- "Escaping The Darkness!"
Away Comic Cover Align1 Comic Cover Escape Comic Cover
16 Pages 36 Pages 12 Pages


Issue #16- "To Align The Hidden Realms!"- Part 2" Issue #17- "To Align The Hidden Realms!"- Part 3" Issue #18- "To Align The Hidden Realms!"- Part4"
Align2 Comic Cover Align3 Comic Cover Align4 Comic Cover
24 Pages 20 Pages 32 Pages


Issue #19- "No Rest For The Weary!!" Issue #20- "Scourge Of The Scarab!" Issue #21- "Disclosure!"
No Rest Comic Cover Scarab Comic Cover Scarab Comic Cover
16 Pages 24 Pages 20 Pages


Issue #22- "Breakout!" Issue #23- "Behind Every Puppet . . ." Issue #24- "Metamorphosis!"
Breakout Comic Cover Breakout Comic Cover Breakout Comic Cover
20 Pages 28 Pages 20 Pages


Issue #25- "Finale" "Shoo Business"
Finale Comic Cover

Breakout Comic Cover


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Breakout Comic Cover

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The story continues in the pages of

CITRUSMAN- The Man Of Peel

Available now at indyplanet.com/citrusman 

28 Pages 7 Pages   



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